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ZAQ Skin + Body Care

ZAQ Ada INFRARED & RED LED Light Therapy Device

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The device combine LIGHT and THERMAL therapy which professionally stimulates collagen production to treat signs of aging and discoloration.

INFRARED & RED Therapy Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles by increasing blood circulation to help tighten and repair damaged skin and connective tissue. Promotes collagen production and stimulates skin cell repair.

Helps to brighten and create a more even skin tone while promoting muscle relaxation and reducing swelling and stiffness.

THERMAL Therapy Enhance collagen production and promotes better penetration of skin care products. The deep heat therapy penetrates as deep as 5.5 micron into the skin and provides visible anti aging results.

Massage Therapy If you wish to massage simultaneously , simply press the ON/OFF button for 1 second after turn on the device. Then it starts to work. There are 2 different modes for your option. If you wish to switch to another mode, please press the button again for 1 second.